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miniCAD 5 for Windows

Calculation, Design and Drafting Software for Surveyors, Engineers, Landscapers and related professionals.

Versions Available
. Professional Version.

Enhanced feature set.
Requires Registration.
$790.00 (includes 12 months telephone support) (Ex-GST $AUD)

. Student Version.

Many Features. Free.
No Expiration.
No registration required.
. Demonstration Version.

All features for 90 days. (Renewed each quarter: Jan, Mar, Jul, and Oct)
For non commercial use or commercial evaluation only.
No registration required.
(May be refreshed each quarter.) more...

Follow this link for miniCAD 5 Specifications

Support Services (per site)
. Up to 2 Licences. (per annum)
$200.00 (Ex-GST $AUD)

. More than 2 licences. (per annum)
$400.00 (Ex-GST $AUD)

Follow this link to download miniCAD 5

Use the Learning Centre to discover the features available in miniCAD Version 5.

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