miniCAD 5 for Windows PC

 CAD Entities Points
Strings / Polygons (with User defined attributes)
Symbols (User defined)
Linetypes (User defined)
Title blocks (User defined)

 Coordinate Geometry Create Point
Create Line
2 Point Arc, 3 Point Arc, Circle
Tangent to 2 lines
Tangent to 1 line
Traverse - absolute (bearing)
Traverse - relative (angle)
Segment (Line, Arc or String)
Trim, Extend (Line, Arc or String) and Intersect
Offset (Points, lines or arcs)
Batch Point Offset (for road centre lines)
Parallel Offset (Line, Arc or String)
Half Angle Calculations
2 Line Intersection (bearing intersection)
2 Arc Intersection (distance intersection)
Arc / Line Intersection

 Surveying Functions Point Coordinate Query
Bearing and Distance Query
Arc Query
Point Offset from Arc, Line or string Query
Area Calculation
Similarity Transform (Scale and rotate)
Traverse Close Calculations (with Bowditch Adjustment)

 Terrain (TIN) Single Natural Surface (with boundary)
Unlimited Design Surfaces (with boundaries)
Surface Contouring
Volume Calculations (including cut and fill)
Breaklines to model benchs and dips
Remove additional triangles (Long edge and by mouse/point No.)

 Interfaces Realtime Data Collection
Upload / Download of Data Recorder Files
Reduction of Data Recorder File Formats
Creation of Stakeout File Formats

 Total Stations Supported Leica
(most models) Trimble / Geodimeter
(most data formats) Topcon

 GPS Supported Garmin
NMEA Compatible

 CAD Functions Layering
Insert, Edit or Delete all entities
Global Deletion of Data
Stored Point Selections (Queries)
Unlimited Undo / Redo
File History (most recent files)
Read DXF V12 and V14 files
Write DXF V12 files

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