NEWS: 10th Dec 2009
miniCAD 5.1 Release Notes for existing miniCAD 5.0 users.

A normal install of version 5.1 will replace your current miniCAD 5.0 To evaluate 5.1 you may, either install it over V5.0 or, install a separate copy beside V5.0. (Follow the steps below for the later.) You can also install V5.0 back over V5.1 later, to restore your system.

If you have V5.0 installed and wish to evaluate miniCAD 5.1 you may want to copy your current configuration file: minicad.config.xml. Place the existing file in the new release folder and your plot and other settings will be available.

Some features of V5.1 require new entries in your minicad.config.xml Names section. Select Tools >> Options >> Names (tab) and press the "Refresh" button to create the new name entries.

Install Procedures - Evaluation:
(i.e. to test V5.1, keeping your existing V5.0 release)

. Download and start the install program (setup_V51.exe)
. At the Select Destination prompt: add "TESTV51" or similar to the folder name.
. Press Next.
. At the Start Menu Folder repeat the previous step. i.e. to give the folder a new name.
. Press Next then Install.
At the Start - Programs menu you will now find the shortcut to your separate "TESTV51" version of miniCAD.

To Remove An Evaluation Version.

Use Control Panel: Add - Remove programs.

You may also install V5.0 back over V5.1 to return to the previous version.

NOTE: If you change the destination folder the next time you install minicad you will have to reset the Destination and folder names because Windows remember's your entries. (i.e. and applies them to future installs ! )

Download miniCAD 5.1...

NEWS: 23th April 2009
Display of Point Cross.

In version 5.0.4 new layer attributes were introduced. These may be set to avoid display of point attributes. (cross, code, height or number.) When opening older jobs (from Version 4) you may need to reset these flags. Go to Layers and select all (ctrl-a) and then set the attributes to display. Also a point code of TEXT will stop point attributes from being displayed or plotted.

NEWS: 20th April 2009

Please review the release details for the ful story. Includes: Crossing Breaklines, Improved Trim/Extend auto-store and other minor bug fixes.
V5 Release details

NEWS: 23rd March 2009
Version Released

Our quarterly update is now available for download. As promised there are lots of new features to explore. Including:
- A new Trim/Extend Tool.
- Greater layer control for point attributes.
- A new Point Attributes Toolbar.
- Plot Settings Load and Save.
- A new way to create Point Selections.

and (of course) any bug fixes you have reported! Use the Release Details link for a complete list.

Thanks again for emailing bug logs and comments. Please keep them coming. We are still on track to release Version 5.1 before June 30th when the first of the Professional features will be making an appearance.

Don’t forget our special offers for existing miniCAD 4 clients. Upgrade before the end of 2009 and we will throw in 12 months additional phone support and a free upgrade to the professional version.

V5 Release details

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