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Company Profile

Mapsoft is an Australian company that designs affordable survey CAD software. It was formed in 1994 and now boasts a large client base.

Its flagship product is miniCAD, which was named because it was the first survey CAD software in the world to run on a handheld computer - the DOS based HP100LX. Today miniCAD runs on Palm PDA's as well as on Windows PC's.

The software is designed and written by Ian Iredale, a practising surveyor with 30 years in the profession and Stuart Thompson, a computing professional with 25 years experience. The advantage to you is that all software is tested in-house on real survey jobs. This has led to claims from Mapsoft's client's, that it is the easiest CAD software they have ever used. We will let you be the judge of that, as working demonstration versions of our software are available from the download page.

Because every business is different, you need a solution which meets your unique needs. We offer software that is simple to use yet powerful enough to get the job done. Our commitment to the best Microsoft development technologies gives us an edge that you will appreciate in all our products.

Whatever your situation, we'll listen and work with you to put together a solution based on your specific requirements.

In essence, we are a small, nimble, flexible and responsive company which offers simple, practical advice and solutions.

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