miniCAD BETA Program

From time to time we will make available a development version of miniCAD. These are known as BETA releases (or versions) and are found at the bottom of the download page.

We take all care in developing these releases but no responsibility for any data problems that arise from a BETA's use. Please take all precautions.

BETA Install:

When you install a BETA it will replace the current miniCAD version on your PC. Alway install BETAs in a development or test environment. (registration is not required to test new features. Use a spare PC or laptop !).

BETA Remove:

To remove a BETA you may either install the current miniCAD version over it or use Add/Remove Programs.

Special Names - REFRESH:

Many program settings are stored in the Special Names area. (Tools >> Options >> Names Tab). If you install a new miniCAD release over an existing you need to refresh the Special Names Table. Use the button provided. To reveal the new groups and names use the preview button.

If you delete a Special Name created by miniCAD it will be recreated when you press the Refresh Button. (handy if you make changes you are not happy with ! )


Please use the link below to view the NEW features available in the current BETA and then send us your feedback. Features are often created very quickly. Your guidance in our designs will be greatly appreciated.

miniCAD 5 BETA Release details.

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