Frequently Asked Questions

 1    Is miniCAD only for surveyors?
 2    Can I use the miniCAD demonstration program indefinitely?
 3    My demonstration version is telling me I only have 10 days left?
 4    What machines are required to run miniCAD?

 5    How do I register my copy of miniCAD?
 6    How do I know if Microsoft.NET is installed on my computer?
 7    I’m using Vista and miniCAD V5 freezes when I try to print?
 8    I’ve opened an old job and the Point Cross does not display or plot?

 9    How do I install the latest miniCAD version?
10    Can I return to a prior version?

1. Is miniCAD only for surveyors ?

No, miniCAD is suitable for use by anyone. miniCAD can be used to accurately design or map any 2D object. (With a range of sub millimeter to over 100 kilometers.) miniCAD provides a terrain model tool to map 3D contours and perform solid object volume calculations.

2. Can I use the miniCAD program in demonstration mode indefinitely?

The demonstration version of miniCAD is available for education and evaluation purposes only. In Schools mode it may be used indefinitely. For commercial use you must purchase a licensed version.

3. What happens when my demonstration version of miniCAD reaches expiry?

The demonstration version will expire at the end of the following calender month. This gives you a minimum of 30 days to review the program. 10 days prior to expiry the program will prompt you to download the latest version. If you continue to use the program it will switch to Schools mode. As an alternative download the latest version of miniCAD and you may use the program for another 30 days. (and you get the benefits of our latest features!)

To preview Schools mode go to Tools >> Options >> Preferences and select the Schools checkbox.

4. What operating system is required to run miniCAD 5?

miniCAD requires a Windows PC running the .Net Framework V2.0. Windows 7 (and Vista) and XP (Service Pack 2 ) are supported. As a guide ensure you have 512mb of RAM for a NetBook, 1 gb of RAM for XP (Desktop Computer) and at least 2gb of RAM for Windows 7. If you work with many images you may need more ram.

5. How do I register my copy of miniCAD?

To register email your Customer No. to (You’ll find the Customer No. in miniCAD under Help—Register). You will then receive a Registration Code by return email.

6. How do I know if Microsoft.NET is installed on my computer?

The .NET Framework 3.0 & 2.0 were released with Vista / Windows 7. Nothing to worry about for Vista and Win 7 users just make sure you receive all Windows updates. For XP Users you may have already installed .NET V2.0 as part of MS Office or other packages. If you need to download .NET the miniCAD Setup_V50.exe program will report “Unable to Initialise.” If this occurs visit the Microsoft Download site, install .NET V2.0 and then rerun setup_V50.exe. When you install miniCAD you have an option to view a report that details the .Net programs installed on your computer. You will also find a link to the latest .NET install files.

Get the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

7. I’m using Vista and miniCAD 5 freezes when I try to print?

The .NET Framework handles printer related functions. If you encounter freezing of the program when you select a print function in miniCAD (in Vista) you may be using an XP printer driver. To resolve this issue try setting a different printer as the default in windows Control Panel. Using PDF Creator V9.3 as your default printer is a simple solution to this problem. It also provides a great way to preview plots in various paper sizes.

For information on some of the problems encountered under Vista:

Vista Driver Compatability Guide.doc

8. I’ve opened an old job and some point crosses do not display or plot?

In version 5.0.4 new layer attributes were introduced to avoid the display of point attributes in selected layers. (cross, code, height or number.) When opening older jobs (from Version 4) you may need to reset these flags. Go to Layers and select all (ctrl-a) and then set the attributes to display.

Point code: TEXT is another new way to disable cross printing and display. When used the point attributes will not be displayed or plotted. TEXT is the default point code for the Rectangle and Pencil tool. See Tools > Options > Preferences.

9. How do I install the latest miniCAD release?

The miniCAD 5 setup program is used for new installs and to upgrade an existing install. Run the program and follow the prompts. The latest version will be installed over your current version without effecting your settings and data.

10. Can I return to a prior version?

Each time you install a new miniCAD release the setup files are stored on your hard disk. This enables you to revert back to any release previously installed. You can also install a prior release directly from the website. To revert back to a release from your local hard drive follow these steps:

  1. Using My Computer open the miniCAD5 folder.

    This is usually 'C:\Program Files\Mapsoft\miniCAD5'. In this folder you will see a program called mc_setup.exe. It's job is to install zip archives found in the 'install' folder. We'll use this program in a minute.

  2. Open the 'InstallPrior' folder and copy a zip archive file.

    The file we want looks like this: "minicad_50_1_20080906_01.GZip". You usually take the latest date but you can take an earlier one if you need to.

  3. Paste the selected zip archive into the 'Install' folder.

    Now we are ready for the interesting bit. When we run mc_setup.exe it will find this zip archive open it and apply the changes to the release folder updating minicad5.

  4. Double-Click on 'mc_setup.exe' to start the install program.

  5. Select the menu option "mc Release" >> "Setup". Then press Ok.

NOTE: Your settings and data are uneffected by this procedure.

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