V5 Release Details

Our products evolve due to your input. But that doesn't mean you are always at the cutting edge so use the list below to check if you are missing out on new features. Use the date of the latest release (found in Help > About) to decide whether you 'Evaluate on a test platform' or 'Install the latest onto my production computers'. more...

Change control for prior releases of miniCAD 5

Why do we release our software like this ?

At Mapsoft we try to be agile. A major release of our software every quarter and minor releases as required. This strategy means input from our customers often appears in our software in a very short space of time.

Whats great for the market is a headache for our programmers as they must maintain high standards of accuracy at all times. To get our software to as many people as possible we provide a demonstration version of our software free, with no strings attached. So that's our part of the deal. Here is what we expect from you.

As a demonstration version miniCAD user we would like you to either:

  • Upgrade the program every 30 days.
    You have installed the demo and a new release appears on the web. You must upgrade your demo. (or it will revert to Student mode, removing some features)
  • or Stay put in Student mode.
    You use an earlier miniCAD release in student mode and are happy with the features offered. You can stay put.

The program download link will be updated at the end of each month. A reminder will appear on the website. (If you subscribe to our mailing list you will get an email.) 10 days before expiry the program will prompt you to download the latest version. If you decline the program will revert to Student Mode.

As a registered miniCAD user we would like you to, either:

  • Stay Put
    You have installed miniCAD and are happy with the features in your current version.
  • or Evolve.
    You use an earlier miniCAD release but will review the latest in a 'play area'. After allowing time for enhancements and your own review, you install the latest version. To make this eay we will provide a BETA at each major release. You can install this beside your existing miniCAD so you may compare the new with the old or (a better option) onto a spare PC.

Note: A major release (e.g. will often be followed by a minor refresh (e.g. within a couple of weeks!

I hope this all makes sense! If not feel free to contact us here..

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