Apply for a miniCAD Subscription

Please enter your details below. On completion you will receive a confirmation email. When your subscription has been validated restart miniCAD on each machine.

The Email / Mobile or PIN combination must be the same as those used when you register each PC. (i.e. in the miniCAD Menu option >> Help - Register)


Subscription Details

Please select the type and number of subscriptions. All fees are in AUD.

Promotion Code

Promotion codes are used for site licencing, discounted or free licences. When you enter a Promotion code the subscription type will be selected for you.

Payment Method

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Subscription Terms and Conditions

All policies and terms are adopted in consideration of, and in the best interest of the software user and MAPSOFT. As a condition of registration, you agree to all of the terms and policies contained herein, as well as all other reasonable policies promulgated by MAPSOFT.

Subscription Processing

Subscriptions received without payment will not be processed until payment is received. In the event that payment is not forthcoming the subscription may be terminated without notice.

Transferring a Subscription

Users may transfer there subscription to another machine at any time. Approval of this transfer is at the discretion of MAPSOFT.

Subscription Cancellations/Refunds

All licence cancellations must be in writing. All subscriptions are assumed to be ongoing and will be renewed annually. MAPSOFT will produce and send you an invoice 30 days prior to the subscription anniversary each year. Failure to pay the invoice will result in the subscription being terminated.

Free Subscriptions.

Free subscriptions will be granted on a yearly basis. MAPSOFT reserve the right to cancel any free subscription if we suspect the software is being used commercially without our prior consent.

Additional Subscriptions.

If you are a sole trader and require an additional subscription for a home or backup machine, MAPSOFT will grant a free subscription on a yearly basis assuming that only one licence will be in use at any time. MAPSOFT reserve the right to cancel any free subscription without prior notification.

Software Terms and Conditions.

During installation of the miniCAD program you will be asked to agree to the miniCAD Program terms and conditions which are in addition to the terms.