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The following tutorials are provided to help you learn miniCAD.

Each tutorial consists of resources, (images, field data, mcd files) and staged exercises, as individual pdf or word documents.

Tutorial Resources

  • Contour and Detail Survey (# 01)
Resources Staged Exercises
  • Maths in Surveying Day Exercise (# 05)
Resources Staged Exercises

Tutorial 1. Contour and Detail Survey

Tutorial 1 Image

The following stages are found in this tutorial (read setup information in Stage 1 prior to installing the resouces):

  • Stage 1 . . Enter Survey Plan Information
  • Stage 2 . . Load Field Survey Data
  • Stage 3 . . Data Prep: Transform and Contour
  • Stage 4 . . Plotting to Paper and DXF

Tutorial 5. Maths in Surveying Exercise

Tutorial 5 Image

Field data for this exercise is collected at Bicentenial Park, Homebush NSW.

Useful Documents and Links

Creating a GPX or KML Lat/Long file from miniCAD

Create a GPX or KML to upload coordinates to a handheld GPS or into Google Maps or Google Earth. On rural jobs you can provide an upload file of survey marks placed to a client. Then they can easily navigate to these waypoints and find the marks I placed.

Click here for details. (in .docx format)

 miniCAD Learning Centre

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 Surveying Careers

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