From the field...

As a surveyor, I have used several of the leading name CAD and Cogo packages. They are often incredibly expensive, some of them you even need to buy such modules as terrain modelling and data collection seperately. I started using miniCAD several years ago, with Version 3. Initially what attracted me to it was its price, most surveying packages are at least four times the price. The fact that it is Australian made was also important, most packages originate from the US and are not tailored to our procedures. From the outset miniCAD was easy and intuitive. It was a simple process to download the collected data from my recorder, into miniCAD, edit codes, strings, orientations and elevations and export to the relevant CAD package. With each version of miniCAD I have noticed this procedure become even easier and even more functions be incorporated. Also the technical support that Mapsoft offer is second to none. Something the larger Survey Software companies could learn. I would highly recomend miniCAD to any surveyor, be they from an engineering or cadastral discipline.

Matt B. Surveyor, South Australia.

Just another trick up my sleeve thanks to miniCAD.

I geo-referenced a PDF. We couldn't get access to the autocad drawing and the builder could only supply the PDF.
I geo -ref'd the PDF on the miniCAD drawing and it fit quite nicely. To ensure that I could read the PDF I inserted 5 enlarged parts of the pdf. They all overlapped as if it was one drawing. I simply created a new point with a RL relative to the drawing. Quick, Fast and Painless. As this is a design and construct a few mm wont be a problem.

Good one.

Scott T.
Bachelor of Spatial Science Technology - Surveying
Associate Diploma of Architectural Drafting

As some feedback...

Minicad3 and then 4 have been just what we needed for quick and easy calculation on high rise construction sites.