miniCAD 6 for Windows PC

In our latest version, 6.0, we undertook a major re-write of the program to enable the development of an Android (and later IPhone) Version. Enhancements include:

Plot Engine

  • Sheet size and orientation are automatically obtained from the selected title block
  • Plot directly to PDF from within miniCAD
  • Images in the CAD drawing can be plotted

  • A host of pre-designed toolbars are available for use
  • Or you can customise your own toolbars
  • Toolbar size can be adjusted and text descriptions can be turned on or off

File Open / Recent Files
  • Are displayed graphically making it easier to select quickly
  • Can be customised to show what you want

Snap Options
  • More snap options have been added to minicad. In the past only Endpoint was available.
  • Midpoint
  • Ortho (locked to N,S,E and West)
  • Tangent (to both lines and arcs)
  • Perpendicular
  • Line / Arc

Statistical Functions
  • Mean of selected points – useful when using GPS to mean E,N,H of a set of GPS readings taken on the one survey mark
  • Linear Regression – useful for locating a best fit boundary to a group of measured occupations
  • Circle Regression – useful for fitting a circle to more than 3 points

  • Useful for quickly creating splay lot corners

Software Redesign
  • Transparent to the user is a complete rewrite of the miniCAD code.
  • Benefits of this are:
  • More stable package
  • Faster than before, especially when using images
  • 32 and 64 bit versions are now available.
  • Now compatible with the Android Ecosystem.

Cost Benefit

  • miniCAD6 is purchased on an annual licence for a very affordable AUD $50 ex GST (including email support). The previous version miniCAD5 cost AUD $790 ex GST.
  • One year after purchase, you will be required to renew your licence for a further AUD $50 ex GST. You will be given plenty of reminders within 3 months of expiration. You can renew at any time, but your annual renewal date will always remain the same.
  • You can now use miniCAD6 for 16 years before you will have spent more than the cost of a single miniCAD5!

 miniCAD 6 for Android

An Android version is not currently available.


miniCAD 6: Professional

64 bit Windows

Build 214, Release Date: June 2021

64 bit Windows

Build 212, Release Date: 2020


Windows XP Support ended with Build 193. In addition .NET 4.5 is required after this build.

Microsoft .NET Version changes are not part of the Windows Update Service so if you don't know the current status of your Microsoft .NET get the latest. Google "download .net" then select, download and install the package.


To purchase miniCAD please contact us via email, phone or complete the online Purchase form. Once your subscription is in place re-start miniCAD.

Single Professional Licences are available from AUD $50 (ex GST) per annum.

Free Professional Licences are also available for students and for non-comercial uses. Contact us directly for volume licencing prices ( e.g. > 5 licences per site).

To renew your subscription or make a Credit Card payment.


We are available to Survey your property or job site in Sydney and surrounds. Please visit: for more information.

 About Us

Mapsoft is an Australian company that designs affordable survey CAD software. It was formed in 1994 and now boasts a large client base.

Its flagship product is miniCAD, which was named because it was the first survey CAD software in the world to run on a handheld computer - the DOS based HP100LX. Today miniCAD runs on Andoid phones and tablets as well as on Windows PC's.

The software is designed and written by Ian Iredale, a practising surveyor with 30 years in the profession and Stuart Thompson, a computing professional with 25 years experience. The advantage to you is that all software is tested in-house on real survey jobs. This has led to claims from Mapsoft's client's, that it is the easiest CAD software they have ever used. We will let you be the judge of that, as a working demonstration version of our software is available here: Downloads.

The key benefits of working with software designed by Mapsoft are as follows:

Systems Designed for Smaller Companies

Surveyors and Construction professionals typically work in small to medium sized organisations. All of our systems have been built by us based on our experiences in the field.

Complete Flexibility

We have kept our application smaller to ensure we have fast turnaround on issues and new releases.


We gather detailed feedback from our customers at events and thru field days to ensure we have covered most requirements.

A Personal Touch

We are a small company, and we understand the importance of continuity to our clients. The Developer or Surveyor you contact will have been involved in every step of the product development life cycle.

A Long Term Relationship

We are particularly interested in developing long-term relationships with our clients and are happy to develop contracts on this basis.

Our Approach

In essence, we are a small, nimble, flexible and responsive company which offers simple solutions and practical advice.